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Road to Norway

God dag, Jeg heter Joey. Jeg er fra Nederland. Yes it is true, I am learning the Norwegian language. My focus is to move to Norway as soon as it is possible for me. I wrote a blog about Norway a little while ago and all of that made me realize, that it is way to stupid to keep on living the same boring day over and over again. It is way to stupid to stay in the safe bubble for your entire life. I am not happy, with everything I am doing in my life and also not happy with who I need to be in the Netherlands.

My dream always has been to leave the Netherlands. My dream started with going to England, New Zealand, but not so long ago I fell in love with this beautiful country called Norway. So, I decided to dedicate the most of my days to actually make my dream come true. I started learning Norwegian 2 days ago, I want to get my driver license, find work in Norway and actually move withing 2.5 a 5 years from now on.

It is a very big step, but I really want to do this. I want to bring you all with me. I want to write about what I am learning and what I am doing from now until I move to Norway. So for now I will keep this blog quite small, but new updates will come soon!

Be sure to check my first post about Norway as well!

Ha en vidunderlig dag,


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