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The magic of Autumn and Winter (Magien til høst og vinter)

The days are getting shorter again. There’s more darkness instead of sunlight, which makes it a very shit time for people who are sensitive for Seasonal Depression. I also drop in mood as soon as I feel that the days start to get shorter. It is a shit time to deal with, but you still have to make the best out of it!

There are a lot of people dealing with seasonal depression actually. The sunlight let us feel so much better than the continuous darkness. It is difficult to stay positive, but surely not impossible. I have to deal with seasonal depression even though Autumn and Winter are my 2 favorite seasons, which is quite strange since I also feel so much more shit in these seasons. But there’s just something magical during the Autumn and Winter time and these small magical (not really magical) things are giving me the positive vibes.

We all know that leaves start to color and start to fall of the trees during the Autumn and I simply love going for walks during this period. The temperature is way better for going on walks in my opinion. I don’t like the heat at all, so the Autumn temperatures are perfect. I also don’t need sun every day, I mean, I love the rain and storms. I don’t mind going on walks during some rain or small storms. I mean, I want to live in Norway where the weather is going to be even more rainy and windy.

The winter period is a bit of a weird one in the Netherlands, in the past we had snow, but we barely have that nowadays. There’s something magical about having snow. The constant changing landscape and the beauty of the pure white and blue color scheme are close to perfection. The temperature can be a bit cold, but you can put on warmer clothes to minimize the cold.

I love watching and seeing beautiful landscapes, where you can find inner peace just by looking at the beauty of nature. This is also one of the main reasons why I want to move to Norway. I still believe that I will struggle with seasonal depression, which sucks, but is completely normal. Always keep your head up, talk with your favorite people, start conversations with new people or find activities that help you with staying as happy and positive as possible. We all are vulnerable, so keep an eye out on yourself and others. This world is a very beautiful place to be at, with so many beautiful places and amazing people. Yes, I know there are also even more shit people, but always try to filter them out. Cut those people out of your life and experience the positivity out of other people. We all are UNIQUE, We all have our own STORIES, so try to share them with the right people!

Thanks for reading my weird story. I didn’t know where I wanted to go with my story, so it is kinda all over the place… I still liked writing this blog tho. It has been some time ago since my last post and I just wanted to get something on paper. I am very busy at the moment with learning Norwegian, Work and Streaming, so finding the time to write is a bit difficult sometimes!

Ha en vidunderlig dag,
Aluna ❤

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