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100 Followers appreciation post

I have been away for 2 years and this is where I come back to! I was close to 100 followers for a very long time, but after my very long break of writing it just felt, well, good to be back!

I started writing back in 2017, I published almost daily and everything was gaming related. I had the opportunity to meet some very nice people online as well. I did this for a year straight and also for the first few months in 2018. At that point I hit my writers block and stopped writing completely. I tried to get back sometimes, but it felt impossible to engage myself to writing again.
Fast forward 2 more years, August 2020, guess who’s back to writing….. YEP ME!

I finally found back the will to write and I started writing about subjects that I wanted to talk about, some about depression, loneliness, motivations, positivity and of course all the gaming related things! It felt like coming home again and at this point it almost feels like I want to get back to daily writing again, which I will not do because I don’t want to push myself in publishing 7 days a week. The reason why I don’t want to write daily is because it starts to feel like I have to do it, even on days that I don’t want to. So, yeah, I will write whenever I want and about any subjects and I publish them whenever I want as well!

I want to thank everyone for the very nice words that I get almost every post, not particular as comments on wordpress, but more from my Discord community. It is good to get and feel some appreciation on what some people call art as they read my blogs. I don’t really see it as art though. It is just expressing what I feel. I don’t follow specific writing orders, I mean my blogs are all over the place haha! I think that is just my style of writing, which feels good to have to be honest. I am just being me and people like it ❤

Thanks again for all the support and nice words! This really gives me so much more motivation to keep on writing. So, Thank you for that!


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