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How I write my articles

It’s not that I call myself a good writer, I have a lot to learn, but I get so many positive reactions on my articles and I am so grateful for that! For some people writing is kinda difficult, they have to find a subject to write about, they want to find as much information as possible and sometimes it’s rather difficult for them to get any words on paper as well. This was the main reason for me to quit writing back in the days, I started to see writing as a must instead of a fun thing to do. So here’s how I write my articles.


I already loved playing with words and sentences back in the days when I was still in school. I once wrote a poëm, which won a prize as well. I got followed by a film crew and I had to perform my poëm for a short video, that has been played in many Theaters in the Netherlands. I always felt the need to play with words, since words can be so powerful and sometimes even more powerful than anything else. The reason for me to start writing in English was quite easy to make as well. Of course you can find a bigger audience, but I also like the English language way more than Dutch. I know my English is far from perfect, but I don’t mind to be honest.

Writing articles actually comes naturally for me, I don’t sit down preparing anything for my articles, since I want to keep it natural instead of forcing articles. I sometimes come up with a subject idea, but mostly I just open WordPress and start writing. This also is the main reason that writing articles don’t take me that much time mostly. Most subject pop up in my head on specific moments, after specific events in life. So, for example, I sat down 10 minutes ago and the idea of how I write my articles just randomly popped up and here I am writing this complete article.


There are so many different English words, I actually looked it up and there are 273.000 headwords and 171.476 of them being in current use. Well, that’s a lot… Imagine how many different types of articles you can write with all those words. Imagine how many subjects you can actually write about, especially when I stopped writing specifically about video games, even though that still is my main subject. I noticed that people like my real talk articles way more, since they are easier to read for non gamers and they are a bit interesting as well. I love writing and I really love to give all my articles a “Me” touch and you will always see this back in all my articles!

Just give it a try, start writing about something, I don’t mind what language. Just try it yourself, it can help you on a mental level as well. It really works therapeutic for me and at this moment I don’t even know why I was so stupid to actually stop writing back in the days.

Thanks for reading my article, but for real, thanks to you, yeah you, who is reading my articles and giving me that little attention means so much to me, so, thank you ❤


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