Enjoy the small things

First of all, no I don’t mean dicks, I’m sorry… I just want to talk about enjoying the small things in this hectic world. What I do to actually enjoy the little things and what small things make me a bit more… Happy!

Some might say, oh it is just a leaf, but I like the small details, the rain drops and veins.

So I like to make pictures, all the picture on this post has been made by me for example, but as you can see in all these pictures is that they are all kinda minimalistic. That type of minimalism is what I want to talk about right now, cause these small things can actually make me a bit more happy.
Imagine, you had a shit day at work, school or whatever you did, everything was going wrong and you just want to go to bed and well give up on that specific day. Hmm sounds quite recognisable right, yeahhh I thought so… This happens to everyone, I mean you can’t “success” in life without having struggles, and what would life be if you didn’t have any struggles. Borinnggggggg….
So everyone has their own struggles sometimes, but how you deal with it is up to you. Not one person is the same (luckily) and my sort of dealing with things could differ from many others and some just find the simularity.

I can really enjoy making silhouet pictures as well. Quite minimalistic, but also with so much detail.

As some of you might know is that I also struggle with things as well, maybe even more because of the Anxiety Attacks and traumas from my early life, but I learned how to live with these just because of enjoying the small things. No it doesn’t work all the time, unfortunately, but I don’t mind it that much because most of the time it actually makes me more happy. So, what do I enjoy?

I love this picture so much. We finally had some snow in the Netherlands (years ago) And I wanted to make a picture of the contrast between the ice and red berry type of thingy.

I love to go outside, feeling the wind blow on my face, feeling the sunrays on my skin, hearing the birds talking to each other, it calms me down and makes me feel a bit more alive. Being so close too nature is a very relaxing feeling. But you have to think even smaller for this in the most weird ways. I really enjoy walking and seeing a pigeon walking next to me doing his own thing, a fish swimming in the water, a duck quacking to a different duck. I feel so happy as soon as I see a dog walking, searching for eye contact with you and see how happy they are. I love it when I get the attention of a cat while walking and he actually is looking for a bit of attention as well. I love the smell of nature even though it also could be a huge pile of cow shit. I enjoy the reflections in the water as well, especially while it is dark outside. I like to watch to the clouds and stars and of course I love to listen to rain and thunder. And also one of the more bigger things is Music, There are so many small things that I really enjoy.

What are you Quacking about?!

So it doesn’t matter what would help for you. It is in the small things and will always be in the small things. I am actually quite curious, What small things do help you to feel a bit better?
I came with the idea of this post after writing my “Dream Destination” post. Make sure to write that one as well.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe even learned a bit. Never give up on anything, even though I did that many times, photography for example, but I will write a post about that soon!


I made this picture as soon as I saw the beautiful sky ripping open and showing the sun rays through them as well. If you look closely you can also see some birds flying around the church!

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