Norway, Serenity, emptiness and a real life dream

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine the place where you dream of being. The beauty of it is that not every person has the same dream, imagination or wishes. Your destination could differ from many others, which is fine of course.

I live in a city and have always been struggling with the immense pressure of being around to many people. It gives me a sort of anxiety to always give more than 100% instead of taking it slow and live at my own pace. The constant feeling of not fitting with the biggest part of our society, being an outsider, differ from others. The constant pressure of proving yourself to others and of course the pressure of technology. I hate the internet even tho I am writing my blog on a social media/blogging platform, I stream on Twitch and uploaded video’s on Youtube, I have a twitter, facebook, Instagram and a whatsapp account and I always need internet to do what I like to do in this world. But, what if I could tell you that there are places on this world where you could actually find peace with yourself, feel complete serenity and live at your own pace without feeling the constant pressure of the 24/7 society.


The reason for me to write about Norway in the first place came on my path a week ago. I found this Youtube Channel from Leena Henningsen, She is a beautiful young woman who had the same feeling of feeling trapped in our society and the fear of suffocating under the consant pressure. I just felt extremely inspired by her, a kind of inspiration I never felt before in my entire life. I think this video can explain it even more.

I always feel the most alive when I am close to nature, walking on a beach or in a serene forest. It gives me a feeling of being able to breathe, open my eyes and simply feel happy to be alive, it gives me the power to be able to live my stressfull life for another week. It gives me the possibility of calming myself down at moments nothing else comes even close of doing that same thing. I’ve never been to Norway, so I actually can’t tell you this out of my own stories unfortunately. So there’s where the video’s of Leena come in place.


Can you imagine the surreal serenity where they are living in constantly. Being able to breathe in the fresh air. Waking up and be able to see this beautiful art of nature. The sincere rest it could give you and the possibility of letting go of more than 99% of the stress this world has to offer. Living in complete silence, without disturbance of millions of people. Being able to listen to the wind blowing over the mountains, through the trees. The long stretch of nothingness which gives you even more power.


If only I could choose to just everything behind and follow my dream to build a life in Norway. Letting go of everyone I know and everything I am. Finding my true self, inner peace, serenity and the power of actually being able to breathe again. Maybe one day..

Thanks for reading this post, I know it is only a short glimpse of what there is to say about Norway. Let me know if you want me to make more in depth articles about this beautiful country, cause to be completely honest, I can’t stop finding more of this art which is called: Norway


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