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My 5 favorite Pokémon from the Hoenn Region

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, by far the 2 Pokémon games I played the most in my entire life! Welcome to the Hoenn region, where they added another 135 Pokémon and with all these “New” Pokémon it also  becomes way more difficult to pick 5 for this region, since this region contains many Pokémon I actually really like!

We are here with region #3 Hoenn, after picking my 5 favorite Pokémon for Kanto and Johto on the last two posts! So let’s not wait any longer and get to my 5 favorite Pokémon for the Hoenn Region!

I fell in love with Torkoal after his emotional first performance in the Pokémon tv show. The Torkoal that Ash caught in the show was so emotional all the time and it made me smile so many times. I also like the simple but nice design as well and I would pick Torkoal in my top 10 all time favorites as well!

Metagross has one of the most insane looking shiny forms I have ever seen at any Pokémon and together with it’s solid badass design it made itself worthy to be on this list! I barely used Metagross in the games tho, since it was kinda difficult to actually train him to level 100. Metagross need 1.250.000 exp and his earlier forms are kinda weak, but I still want Metagross on my list!

This was a rather difficult choice, I like both Latias and Latios a lot, but I only wanted to pick one for my list! So I chose for Latias, which is the red and cuter form of the two Pokémon. I fell in love with the cuteness of this small mythical dragon Pokémon after watching the Pokémon movie “Heroes” where both starred in!

It was such a pain to get this Pokémon in one of the games. You had to fish on a specific spot to catch a Feebas which was extremely rare and after that you had to maximize it’s beauty to make it evolve into this mythical creature called “Milotic”. It took me some time to get this Pokémon, but oh boy I was happy when I got it!

Combine a badass design with cute fluffy things and you will get Zangoose. This Pokémon was a must for my first Sapphire playthrough even though I only caught it because it looks nice. I didn’t know that this Pokémon was one of the easiest to get to max level compared to many others, since Zangoose only needs 600.000 exp. Quicly this Pokémon became a very nice companion on many Pokémon adventures!

So these are my 5 favorite Pokémon from the Hoenn region. I am curious, what is your favorite from this region and why? Let me know in the comments! I will make this a blogging serie which I will publish every monday for 8 weeks. So for next week: Sinnoh!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. I’m glad Ruby and Sapphire got their dues in the end because Gen III was my favorite generation as a kid. I think part of the reason is because of the great designs the team came up with. It was right about now that they really started getting creative with them, and you definitely picked some great ones.

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    1. Exactly the games were so good and I was so happy that they remade the games as well! It sure was the goldenage of Pokemon, ubfortunatly the designs in the upcoming regions are becoming worse! Thanks for the nice words!


      1. Ah, you see, I would actually argue that, as a result of experimenting with type combinations, the designs of later generations actually became a bit more creative. Sure, there’s some questionable ones such as a living garbage bag or a ghostly sandcastle, but even in Gen VIII, there are some really creative designs like that ghost dragon catapult.

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