My 5 favorite Pokémon from the Kanto Region

It all started 21 years ago, the release of the European version of Pokémon Red and Blue. We traveled through Kanto where we could find the first 151 Pokémon. But which 5 are my favorite from this region?

The next list will be in no particular order, since it’s impossible to actually rate these from 1 to 5. The choices are purely based on the appearances of the Pokémon and not if they are good in battle. Sooooo, let’s get this list going!


Butterfree is one of the five to be in this list. Not does it only look cute, it’s also one of the first Pokémon that made me cry during the Tv show. I used Butterfree in almost every Pokémon game not because it is strong but just because I like the look of it. I mean look at those beautiful red eyes and small hands hihi.


Ninetales is so incredibly beautiful and grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. Ninetales is still one of the best Pokémon designs ever existed, at least in my opinion. It is difficult to explain why I love this Pokémon so much, I simply do!


Eevee is my all time favorite. Not only because of the many evolutions it could have, but also the design is flawless. I love this cute little fox like dog and I don’t think any other Pokémon could ever kick it of the throne he/she deserves to be on! Eevee is loved among many and well…. Deserved!


Dragonair the pré evolution of maybe one of the strongest semi-legendary Pokémon out there. A must have in my team as well even though I always had to let it evolve to Dragonite. I always had in mind that Dragonair should have a different third form instead of Dragonite. Dragonite is cool, but it doesn’t get close to Dragonair in any form. Yet again what a beauty Dragonair is.


The last one on this list is Marowak. Do you remember that spooky town in Pokémon red and blue, Lavender Town. Well the actual story behind this Pokémon made me respect Marowak even more. It was the first Pokémon that actually died in a game. I still remember being so sad because of the small Cubone, the child of the Marowak that passed away. Made me cry as well… Yessss, I cry a lot. I also really like the design of Marowak.

So these are my 5 favorite Pokémon from the Kanto region. I am curious, what is your favorite from this region and why? Let me know in the comments! I will make this a blogging serie which I will publish every monday for 8 weeks. So for next week: Johto!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Have a wonderful day,


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