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Spellbreak MMORPG would be insane!

The release of a new Battle Royale game called “Spellbreak” was finally there as some of you might have seen on Twitch or Youtube. After playing the alpha version myself and watching, mostly Lirik, play this game, I must say the combat really is intense and so much fun!

I spent many hours on the last few days to watch how this game would do on Twitch. I also wanted to see how better players would develop their own sort of fighting style in this magic based battle royale game and damn, I was suprised. The tricks I saw people pull of were mind blowing and at this point I started thinking, hmm… what if there was a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Imagine how insane that would be with this style of combat!

So what makes this style of combat so interesting? Well, mostly the freedom you have with it. You can fly, you can dash, you can become invisible and so on. There are multiple elements of magic, ice, wind, fire, earth and poison you can always add more types of elements of course). And as a person you can learn all elements, but you actually have to do tasks in order to unlock them!

You will start your journey as a rookie mage with just the basics of one magic element. You have to follow the story while being an apprentice to Magic Masters. You will learn a lot of new magic spells as you progress in your story and also progress your character in levels. You can learn other elements while travelling to the far ends of this big open world.
Just imagine one character as in Final Fantasy XIV Online, where you can level all jobs and classes to a maximum of level 80. Spellbreak MMO will use this same type of leveling system, but with a twist. So, what’s the twist you might ask? There are over a 1000 elemental skill in this game, so not one character would be the same, there also are combo’s that you can perform by binding 2 or more skills together. You can learn all the basic magic skills by following the story quest of all the different elements, but you really have to travel all over the world to do even more difficult tasks to learn the magic skills that would let you stand out of others. But, that’s not all, you can learn unique, event based, legendary skills that only a handfull of people might obtain by completing the most difficult tasks in the game. Imagine perform such type of magic that people never have seen in the entire game and you are one of the 5 people that actually obtained that magic spell. Dangggg, that would be insane!

End game would be insane as well, as you can do difficult dungeons, trials and raids. But, also compete in big PVP (Player vs player) battles like: 40 v 40 ground wars, team deathmatch, 1v1 arena, guild wars, node wars, elemental wars and so on!

I can’t help to get extremely hyped as I am writing this. I know this idea could never come to life, but man, I would play the living shit out of such type of game!

Thanks for reading my blog, have a wonderful day and until next time,

Aluna ^^

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