Black Desert Addiction, Whoopsie…

In a couple of days my gaming experience changed very fast. Normally I play a big variety of games, but within a small time period I got completely hooked to Black Desert Online.


I think it has been 15 years ago since my first MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The game I played back then is called Flyff. I played this with a couple of IRL Friends and we had an amazing time! I tried some other MMO’s as well but no game grabbed me like it did with Flyff.

Fast forward 15 years and I play so many different types of games. But even after all the games I’ve been playing I still felt the urge to find my self a sort of game to chill. Like I did back in the days with Flyff. I gave several games a try, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV Online, Tera and some more. They were fun for a small amount of time, but everything felt quite repetitive. I must say I still enjoy ESO and FFXIV! So it was time for me to start my journey of finding the right Chill Game for me. And there it was, Black Desert Online (BDO).


I played BDO back in 2017 and only for a small amount of time. I made a character back then and I leveled it to level 17 or so, just enough for a special bonus which I actually didn’t know back then… So I tried the game again and got hooked almost immediatly. I created a new character, a class named Lahn (which I will not explain what it is haha) and made myself a beautiful lady character, since classes are gender locked!


What made me fell in love with this game were the beautiful graphics, music and one of the greatest action combat systems I’ve seen in video games, at least surely for a MMORPG! Everything felt so smooth and I loved every single bit of it! Of course this game also has it flaws. For example there are no Dungeons in this game and you really have to grind your ass off if you want to reach end game (especially gear wise). I still believe it’s gonna get boring one day, But I am still having fun even after 120 hours in the last 3 weeks, whoopsie…


I found myself a nice and kind guild and ever since I started even playing more because I found the social aspect and the nice people. I was able to ask all my questions, but also it is fun to actually hang out with some people in game while talking and chilling in game. It feels like a second world for me. A world to chill, have fun, have conversations and actually play a game as well.

It feels like living in a separate world which feels quite nice. I also wanted to spend a little money on my character since it was a small representation of real life and I wanted her to look good as well. Imagine spending more money on an in game character than my own outfit, shiiiiiit!


This game surely isn’t for everyone. For most people it is to grindy and there’s also some pay 2 win aspects (only if you actually care about end game pvp stuff). Well it is shit to have P2W stuff in a game, but I don’t mind it a lot since I’m not getting fucked because of it. I just like to play the game and I am curious what the future in game will brind me!


All the screenshots you just saw are made in the game, as you can see it is a beautiful looking game! So…. ain’t got time any more to keep on writing, BDO is waiting for me!

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