Pitch Black Void..

I started writing this small visualisation after uploading the last “post” about Attacks of Loneliness and I actually wanted to share this small piece as well


There’s a nice rainstorm outside with some lightning and thunder. Quite relaxing to listen to while writing shit down. Not knowing what I actually want to write. Lightning is such a beautiful thing even though it can be very dangerous as well. Just imagine complete darkness, all you can see around you is just the pitch black void. It’s a scary thought that there is so much around you, but you simply can not see it without a small light source.

Imagine yourself standing in that void, trapped, scared, not able to identify what is around you. The lightning strikes and you can see a short and small glimpse of the world around you. It still could be anything or just simply nothing around you. Is this what “Loneliness” looks like?

So this small post was an addition to my last blog post and I simply wanted to share what was going through my mind. The next post will be about gaming again though ❤ 

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