Greyfox (Review)

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As a new resident of a mysterious town, you stumble upon an old woman with magical powers.

Suddenly you find yourself inhabiting the bodies of other townspeople at crucial moments in their lives.

Make life and death decisions as you slowly uncover the truth about the place you’ve decided to call home in this engrossing RPG.


Short but easy game. You can complete it within 20 minutes but the story actually is pretty good.

+ RPG Maker
+ Good Story

– Very short game
– No real action
– A kindoff walking simulator made with RPG Maker

3.5/10 the story is good but further the game is quite empty and without action. It actually is a walking simulator. I like to play Walking simulator games but they need to have good graphics at least and not some RPG Maker graphics. Only buy it for steam cards and when this game is on sale.

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