Adjacency (Review)

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Adjacency is a puzzle game about colors and shapes.
Spread colors to adjacent tiles to complete the pattern.
Master puzzles by solving them with as few moves as possible.

Minimal yet challenging, for the casual or perfectionist player.


This game is one of the hardest puzzle games I played in my entire life. It actually is quite fun. Adjacency is a minimalistic puzzle game where you have to spread colors in a certain order. Don’t let yourself get fooled by how easy it looks cause, it really is a very hard game. I couldn’t even get further then level 8 or so.

+ Minimalistic Puzzle games are always a plus
+ very difficult
+ Quite relaxing but frustrating as well
+ Relaxing music

– Too difficult for my small brain
– Thinking gives me a headache

8/10 this game is a gem in the minimalistic puzzle world. You really need to try this game if you like any games in this genre. It sure will give you a difficult challenge and maybe a bit of a thinking headache as well.

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