Shadow Bug (Review)

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You are the overpowered ninja hero Shadow Bug! Save your home forest from the evil factory by slicing monsters to pieces. Adventure through beautiful and twisted landscapes full of action and adventure as the ultimate ninja.

  • A completely new take on platformer games.
  • 36 hand crafted levels filled with action, exploration and puzzles.
  • Unique core mechanic: move by attacking enemies.
  • Breathtaking soundscape with an epic soundtrack and immersive sound effects.
  • Leaderboards for speedrunning levels.
  • Mesmerizing art with picturesque parallax backgrounds and mystical silhouettes.
  • 6 memorable boss fights.


Shadow Bug is such a good game! It was released today and bought it right away and started playing it. Shadow Bug is a Platformer game where you are a small Ninja bug who can only walk to the left and right. You can only jump by attacking multiple enemies. This game has 36 worlds which are all hand drawn. After a couple of maps there is a sort of boss fight. I haven’t found any bugs in this game yet.

+ I love the art designs
+ Graphics are good
+ Fun storyline
+ Platformer with a twist
+ Music is good to listen to
+ Some parts are rather difficult to do

– The game begins without any introduction or title screen
– Had some trouble with the first boss fight, after a while you will find some solutions to defeat the boss

8.5/10 This game actually is quite good! It is a platformer but with a small twist. I enjoyed playing it a lot and I can’t wait to finish the whole game. This game is just €5.- on stream and it actually is worth more. You really need to play this game if you are a fan of platformer games! This game is a small gem in the world of the big platformer games!

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