Are Video Games Worth €60?


As I was scrolling through my WordPress feed I came across this article from True Video Games. He is going way more in depth to this question so check his post out as well! I just wanted to give my honest opinion on the following: Are Video Games worth €60,-?

I have been playing video games ever since I was a little boy (3 years old) and it always was a struggle to get the latest games early on because most of the time they were so expensive. But are they worth their money? Well in some cases it is but, mostly it sure is not worth it.


As I played many games (AAA or Indie Games) I always thought that the Indie games were so much better then the AAA-Games. But why is this? Well probably the developers of AAA-Games just want to make money and release games who are poorly optimized, full with bugs and well yeah sometimes it is just unplayable. Of course a game never is bug free. But after playing games as Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher and other major titles I just realized that they are filled with bugs, it doesn’t make them unplayable but, It sure is taking the joy of gaming away from me.

So they are just releasing Video Games with an early access tag. Feels like the safe way to go. But for how long I’ve been playing early access games, I’ve actually never saw it happen that a game got out of this early access period. You pay the full price for a game which I highly doubt it to be finished ever.


I also played lots of Indie Games as Ori and the Blind Forest, Firewatch and many more. And these games just felt so much smoother. It feels like these Indie studios want to prove their self’s worthy and capable of making great games. Well they mostly do!


So are games worth €60?

Well in my opinion, no. Most of the games who are 60 euro are in a terrible state. It really takes the fun away from a game who is tagged as a AAA-Game. A game where you believe that they have to be good for such a price. In my opinion Indie games are actually better then AAA-Games. I think €60 is way to much for a video game even though it is a 100 hour experience. I think Games are not allowed to be higher as €40,-. They will probably add microtransactions or DLC’s so they will actually earn enough.

There you have it, my opinion about the high prices in the video game industry. What is your opinion about the high prices? Let me know in the comments. And also make sure to check out True Video Games!

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  1. “Never pay more than 20 bucks for a game.” – Guybrush Threepwood

    But yes, totally agree, especially with AAA industry being in the shape it is. Honestly, I would gladly pay more for indie games than AAA.

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  2. I feel like as a community, if we prefer indie games, we should definitely do more to support them. So many people go out and pre-order AAA titles, buy their DLC, and continue to support their crappy ways. But more often, I see great Indie titles without support: monetary or otherwise. We have to support these little companies and teams if we want to see them shine and flourish! If you get a game during a steam sale and love the game, leave a review, share it, talk about it, like and follow their social media. We have to get others to find that the game is worth the full price and a review. Or if we buy it at full price, we have to say that it’s okay to pay the full price of a great game to support the team who created it, and still leave reviews and share how much we enjoyed it. 🙂

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