Getting ready for the RLCS!

As the most of you might know is that I am a very fanatic Rocket League player. I just wanted to get to the top ever since I started playing this game. So with the RLCS (Rocket League World Championship) coming up soon I wanted to tell you a bit about it!


I started playing lots of Rocket League since April 2016. I reached 1800 hours in this game in January 2018. I competed in many tournaments and actually won a couple of them. The RLCS is the biggest tournament in the Rocket League eSports scene.

I played for a couple of Rocket League teams, some of them as a captain and owner and some of them as a player so let’s sum them up!


This was my first team with a horrible name. Started playing games and tournaments together but unfortunately we were just to bad. This was the first team where I was captain.

Chrome Nemesis

Chrome Nemesis was my first team where we started playing more serious. As a captain I had to do some analyses, recruiting and of course playing as well. We won the first tournaments as this team.

Dynamic Turns

After disbanding CN, I got asked for Dynamic Turns this time as a player. Started as a very fun team but unfortunately after winning 1 tournament we disbanded.

Ice Fox eSports

Another team where I was captain. Recruited a couple of players and started playing tournaments again. Unfortunately the eSports scene was growing and many better teams were there to defeat us.

Above eSports

I got asked for this first official eSports team. Which was very fun to play in. When I started playing for this team it just looked like this team was so professional and well organized. But after a couple of weeks something happened which led to not training etc.

Hyrule eSports

My current team, where I am captain. Playing together with Sky, Muggiplz and MystoRL. We are ready to practice again, play tournaments and have fun. Let’s see what RLCS will bring us!

Artwork made by N1C!

So this means I don’t have that much time ’cause I need to work a full time job, write and read Blogs, Practice with my team, Play new games and do live streams as well. But it will all be fine! If you want to see me practice for the RLCS Be sure to check out my Twitch.

Have a good one,



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