VGC Day 10: What game destroyed you emotionally?


I saw a very interesting Challenge As I was browsing through my WordPress feed. Megan (A Geeky Gal) created this 30 days video game challenge where you answer a gaming related question every day! Feel free to join if you want to!

So the question for today will be: What game destroyed you emotionally?

I am an emotional wreck, for real, I am not kidding. I was crying during the first Pokemon movie and some episodes as well. I will be crying as well while watching All You Need Is Love (Dutch TV Program). I will cry during any sad movie where animals got hurt or some love is just to beautiful. So well yeah, I am an emotional wreck haha.

So let’s get to the games which actually made me cry. There are just a couple of them since I wasn’t so emotional back in the days haha.

First of all: Ori and the Blind Forest. I cried my eyes out during the opening of this game. This game is one of my favorite games and I am still feeling emotional even after completing this game for almost 10-15 times.

Second game: Abzu! I just don’t know there were a couple of moments which were sad and the feeling became stronger with the intense music in this game. I couldn’t keep my eyes dry.

Third game: Last Day of June. This game was so beautiful, the story was amazing even though there were no real words to be spoken. Again I just needed to cry hahaha.

And the last game on this list: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Again, another great game with a great story. This game was the first game I completed in 2018. It was awesome!



Thanks for reading the answer of this 30 days Video Game Challenge. Be sure to check A Geeky Gal as well! See you back at question 11 tomorrow!

What game destroyed you emotionally? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. There are so many sad moments in games. As for Pokémon films or episodes there are plenty of emotional moments there too and I know there are certain episodes that I am likely to cry at (no matter how many times I have seen them before).

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  2. Last Day of June is on my to-play list, although I haven’t gotten around to it yet. After playing To The Moon and Finding Paradise recently, I might have to leave it a while longer… 😭

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