VGC Day 17: What game do you disagree with the general opinion on?


I saw a very interesting Challenge As I was browsing through my WordPress feed. Megan (A Geeky Gal) created this 30 days video game challenge where you answer a gaming related question every day! Feel free to join if you want to!

So the question for today will be: What game do you disagree with the general opinion on?

Let’s go back to the beautiful hype of one game which was loved so much until the release. The game which just threw away all expectations and decided to be a shitty game. Well the game I am talking about is No Man’s Sky.

How beautiful would it be, an infinite space and planets to explore, Build bases and just discover new species on every planet. Well these were one of those promises for No Man’s Sky. But most people just thought everything was to repetitive and boring, which was true haha. But it still managed to grab my attention for more than 20 hours. I enjoyed the exploring part a lot, especially after some updates where you could craft a car and take pictures in a picture mode, something I really liked as a photographer. But even after all these updates it just couldn’t pull me over the line to start playing it more.

To be honest, I don’t dislike the game even though all those misses for No Man’s Sky. I really love the concept and graphics for this game. They should definitely find something to do so it doesn’t get to repetitive.

If you want to read more about No Man’s Sky, be sure to check out my review!



Thanks for reading the answer of this 30 days Video Game Challenge. Be sure to check A Geeky Gal as well! See you back at question 18 tomorrow!

What game do you disagree with the general opinion on? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I picked up NMS at launch and the survival mechanics just weren’t for me. I was hoping for a more relaxed space exploration experience instead, which was added later on after I had already sold my copy. I’ve been super tempted to pick it back up, though. Loved the look of the game and the soundtrack was excellent.

    As for a game I disagree with the general opinion on, that’d have to be Mass Effect: Andromeda. Once I got off of the opening planet Eos, it sank its hooks in me pretty deep. I ended up loving the entire cast, the story, the combat and class mechanic overhaul, and the world design of each explorable planet. It’s not on the same level as the original trilogy, but it’s a worthwhile addition to the series.

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    1. Indeed even though I would still say don’t pick it up anymore. Or wait for a sale even though it is a fun game. after a couple hours it gets quite boring.

      I can’t tell my opinion about mass effect though, I never played that game tbh haha! Never played any Mass Effect game hahah!


  2. I never played NMS but my husband did. He said it was A let down BUT he didn’t hate the game. In fact he probably put in more than 10 hours into it (I’d ask him but he’d deep into Fortnite at the moment). It was a decent game for what it was according to my husband.

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  3. A game I disagree with people on is GTA V. I like GTA V, I’ve spent over 100 hours with it but I enjoyed GTA IV more. GTA IV’s Liberty City was more interesting than Los Santos, it had more to do and more places to go. The story was a hundred times better than GTA V’s. The single-player portion had a wealth of content. The music on the radio stations was better in GTA IV too.
    I will say though that the multiplayer for GTA V is much better than GTA IV.

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      1. The online has gown down a bit but a private lobby with friends and it becomes fun again. Races and user created maps are just brilliant.
        But yeah, the hackers bring down the mp experience unlike GTA IV where the MP actually benefitted from the modding and hacking.

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