Red Out (Review)


I am a big fan of race games. But does the futuristic race game ”Red Out” give me what I need in such sort of games? Red Out is a futuristic High speed Race game. Where you will step into your spaceship and race on different maps with your speed above 600 km/h. I will give a short review about this game if you read on.


Red Out is a fast paced futuristic racing game. Where you race on different kind of maps with a fast flying spaceship. The gameplay is very easy and everyone who has got a fast reaction can play this games for sure. The controls are very easy as well. There are different type of game modes like every racing game has.


This game has been made with the Unreal Engine what results in very good graphic quality. The game looks so amazing. I normally am not a big fan of futuristic graphic styles but this game really looks good!


The music in this game really completes the game. The music and sounds sound really good and very futuristic. Because of this futuristic sound it really completes this fame even more.


For what I  played this game really is awesome. Everything is good in this game. The gameplay is easy. The visuals look good and the audio completes the futuristic feeling in this game. Overall this game is really solid! But I probably won’t buy it just because of the high price of €33,-

Rate: 8.2/10

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