Tales of Berseria (Review)


With the Demo version on steam I just had to play this game. The game will be released on January 27th. Tales of Berseria was developed by Bandai Namco which is a very big name in the gaming industry. But I sure am not a big fan of Japanese Rpg games but after playing the demo I was really surprised.


As most of the Japanese games it had quite a lot of cutscenes and talking moments. And of course a very big storyline. This sure isn’t a bad thing cause the battles are very big and brisk. I enjoyed the battles a lot but I guess it will get repetitive fast. Like most of the fighting games you can make combo attacks but I am very honest I can not remember every combo so I will just push as many buttons as possible haha. I must say that there are some frame drops in the battle system but overall this game is very good.


This game looks beautiful in almost every way. It sure can’t compete with the graphics from Final Fantasy for example. But the visuals are solid as a rock and are not boring or anything. The game has the Japanese anime art as graphic style which in my opinion is used to much in to many games. But I guess it still is very popular with a very big group of people.


The audio is very good in this game. Beautiful music for the background. The actors sound amazing and the music and sounds in battle sound very uplifting and strong. Overall the audio is very good.


I liked playing this game but I think the battle style will get repetitive very fast. There sure will be a beautiful and good story in this game and also the visuals and audio are on point. Will it be worth the €50,-? No in my opinion it sure isn’t worth so much money. But I guess for fans of the genre €50 is cheap and sure worth it for them. I do want to play the game but I guess I will buy this game only with a heavy discount.

Rate: 7/10

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