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Publisher Tycoon (Review)

Let me say that I am a huge fan of tycoon games. But this games just doesn't feel good.


Let me say that I am a huge fan of tycoon games. But this games just doesn’t feel good. I only played the demo version which was full with mistakes like forgetting to put spaces in texts. And other small minor bugs. It didn’t affect the gameplay but more the kind of visualization of the game.


You start as a young girls which parents just died. You get 5000 euro and you want to make your biggest wish come true. You want to become a publisher for the best books ever. The demo threw me in a tutorial version which actually took me a while. I didn’t know what to do and the game didn’t gave me any information. I made the first book which cost me 4400 euro and i earned 900 with it so I was broke after publishing my first book. And the game still doesn’t give me any information over what to do next. So I though let me put an advertisement on my book so I possibly could sell more copies. I finally sold some copies and started working on a second book to publish. which made me lose all my money.


This games looks terrible. Just 3 pictures on the background with a shitty day and night cycle. and the rest looks like a shitty thing made with paint. Also the color of the letters was shit. You can’t play this game on full screen.


There actually is no in game sound. Or I must be so deaf that I just couldn’t hear it. Oh after a while I went to the options of this game. It actually has in game sound which is a real shitty not even clean piano sound. The game actually did not let me save my options because of the demo. But it actually did save sooo…


This game should be in a trash bin. There is almost no information about how you should play this game. the graphics look completely terrible and there is in game sound which sounds like a shitty piano sound which did not sound clean as well. the only thing what was addictive is keeping my money high enough so I don’t go broke. this game is on steam for €8,- and it is completely not worth buying.

Rate: 2.5/10

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