Shift Happens (Review)


I just played the demo version of Shift Happens. In the demo there are 3 short levels to play in. The first level is very easy to play a little bit like a platform game. You just have to jump across some gaps. but the further you get in the game it will become more difficult to get to the finish. You really need to think a little bit further to complete the maps. This game is a Puzzle platform game and I really liked it.


As I said I only played the demo. But I can you tell a couple of things. The maps look good. The two blobs look kinda cute and the game is solid as a rock. I haven’t found any downside in the way you play this game. The games handling is really easy and the controls are even more easy. You have to go through a map. Sometimes you need to solve some small puzzles. You play as two blobs one is big the other one small but you can also switch that. You actually need to switch that several times if you want to solve the puzzles. You just walk and jump through the map. Pressing buttons and switching levers. But you actually need both of them blobs to get on top of some parts of the map for the lever over there. You can play against time which makes this game a lot more competitive.  The first map gave me 16 seconds to complete. While it took almost 2 minutes for me. So I wanted to finish within the 16 seconds which I eventually did. The timer part gives even more joy to the game. But if you just want to play this game for fun you can also do that so no worries.


This game looks really cute. And I really enjoy the style of art this game uses. Of course it can’t match visuals like the wither 3 or even better. But you don’t need all the fancy graphics to have a good game. I enjoyed the graphics for this game a lot. And I thought the blobs looked really cute!


I am playing with music on the background almost all the time. So I haven’t listened to the in game sounds that much. at least not the music part. The overall environment sound sounds pretty good to me though. But I normally don’t listen to most of the in game sounds.


The more I play platform games the more I enjoy playing these kind of games. But now more for this game. I really enjoyed playing the demo version of Shift Happens and I sure will but the full version of this game very soon. The normal price for this game is €14 but,  it is on sale right now with a 15% discount ( €11.89). Is it worth the price. Yeah I really think this game is worth the 14 euro. I enjoyed the game and I can’t wait to buy the full version!

Rate: 7.8/10

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