Abduction Bit (Review)


Two aliens must catch many humans for some experiments in four stages: construction, hotel, military base and laboratory.
To catch the humans the aliens use a sci-fi gun that paralyses the target for a number of seconds, during which time they destroy their memory so they cannot remember the incident. Once the humans are caught they are shaved and stripped of their clothes
to be teleported to the UFO.


I played this game for almost 20 minutes. It was fun to play but the game feels kinda slow. If you die you need to do all levels over and over again and I just don’t feel like it.

+ Arcade Like game
+ Nostalgic Feelings
+ Fun to spend some time in

– Some small bugs
– Everything is kinda the same over and over again
– Controls are somehow a bit weird in the beginning (I want to move and select stuff in the menu but, I just didn’t know how. Later on I Thought Hmm maybe use the Z-key and that worked!)

4.5/10 Feels quite Nostalgic but I just don’t liked it a lot. If you are a fan of Nostalgic arcade like games then Buy this. I mean €1,- or €0.49 on sale. So why don’t buy it!

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