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28 Waves Later (Review)

Try to survive when there's a swarm of monsters coming at you! Zombies won't let you rest even for a minute.

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Try to survive when there’s a swarm of monsters coming at you! Zombies won’t let you rest even for a minute. Imagine you’re in a closed space and zombies are closing in on you. You can use 9 types of weapons. Only one case of ammo. Kill zombies to get weapons, medical kits and ammo. Pass increasingly difficult levels. Perfect your game skills. Be cool, play and reach your goals in the game. Even the most bloodthirsty zombie hunters will like this game.


Played the first 3 waves. Talked to scientist. Didn’t get a new assignment. Walked around for some time. Closed this shitty game. Uninstalled it and will never touch it again. I only will get the steam cards haha!

+ Infinite Ammo (Just shoot away all your bullet till you reach 0. After that no more reloading and infinite ammo)

– Textures misplaced
– No pause screen (The game continues even tho you are in pause screen)
– It was unclear for me what to do after talking to the scientist in wave 3.
– Infinite Ammo (Even tho it feels good to have it. It sure wasn’t meant to have infinite ammo)
– This game

1.5/10 Only buy it on a sale for the steam cards. The game is just garbage.

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