Northern Gaming are your new RLCS World Champions

This past weekend Rocket League fans from around the globe made their way to the Rocket League Championship Series Season 3 World Championship to witness history. After three days of exciting rivalries and amazing matches, we crowned a new World Champion. Battling through the lower bracket and forcing a bracket reset in the Grand Finals, Northern Gaming took the World Championship 4-3 over Mock-it Esports.

Led by some breathtaking clutch plays from the RLCS Season 3 MVP Deevo, Remkoe and Turbopolsa, who played in place of League Play powerhouse, Maestro, proved to everyone they had what it takes to earn their place in history as World Champions. Not only did they take home $55,000 USD, but they also secured a spot in Season 4 League Play for the European region. We can’t wait to see what Northern Gaming brings to the table next season!



  • 1st Place: Northern Gaming (EU) – (Remkoe, Deevo, Turbopolsa) $55,000
  • 2nd Place: Mock-it Esports (EU) – (Miztik, Kaydop, Fairy Peak!) $30,000
  • 3rd Place: NRG Esports (NA) – (Fireburner, Jacob, GarretG) – $16,000
  • 4th Place: The Leftovers (EU) – (Snaski, Sikii, Ferra) $11,000
  • 5/6th Place: Flipsid3 Tactics (EU) – (MarkyDooda, Kuxir97, gReazymeister) $8,000
  • 5/6th Place: Rogue Esports (NA) – (Matt, Sizz, Turtle) $8,000
  • 7/8th Place: Alpha Sydney (OCE) – (Torsos, Jake, Drippay) – $6,000
  • 7/8th Place: Denial Esports (NA) – (Lathamyr, Sadjunior, CorruptedG) $6,000
  • 9/10th Place: JAM Gaming (OCE) – (Bango, Montyconnor, Express) – $5,000
  • 9/10th Place: Selfless (NA) – (Dappur, Mijo, Timi, Pluto) – $5,000


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