What’s in the Overdrive Crate + Season Rewards up close

Three days ago Psyonix announced their brand new update! We found some New information about the Newly announced Overdrive Crate and we got to see the season rewards as well!

Overdrive Crate

The new Overdrive Crate is all about pushing your Battle-Car customizations to the limit. Potentially unlock two new Import Battle-Cars Animus GP and Centio V17, animated Decals, brand-new Trails, and more!


Rare – Paint Finish (Glossy Blocks)


Very rare – Trail (Friction Trail)


Import – Trail (Magic Missile)


Exotic – Wheels (Turbine)


Black Market – Goal Explosion (Fireworks)

Import Battle Cars

Available exclusively as drops inside the Overdrive Crate, Animus GP and Centio V17 are Battle-Cars inspired by the storied tradition of raw speed and power.

RL Animus GP

Animus GP

RL Centio V17

Centio V17

Season 5 Begins

Get ready for Season 5, Competitive players! Season 4 is coming to a close with the following Trail awards based on the highest competitive skill tier reached.


Bronze Friction Trail


Silver Friction Trail


Gold Friction Trail


Platinum Friction Trail


Diamond Friction Trail


Champion Friction Trail

This is all the information we got so far regarding the Season rewards and the Overdrive Crate. I will keep you guys updated to any Rocket League news!

Ps. The Anniversary Update drops today at 3pm PDT/10pm GMT, 12am CEST. Competitive Season 4 will end approximately one hour before the update.

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