Banished (Review)

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In this city-building strategy game, you control a group of exiled travelers who decide to restart their lives in a new land. They have only the clothes on their backs and a cart filled with supplies from their homeland.

The townspeople of Banished are your primary resource. They are born, grow older, work, have children of their own, and eventually die. Keeping them healthy, happy, and well-fed are essential to making your town grow. Building new homes is not enough—there must be enough people to move in and have families of their own.

Banished has no skill trees. Any structure can be built at any time, provided that your people have collected the resources to do so. There is no money. Instead, your hard-earned resources can be bartered away with the arrival of trade vessels. These merchants are the key to adding livestock and annual crops to the townspeople’s diet; however, their lengthy trade route comes with the risk of bringing illnesses from abroad.

There are twenty different occupations that the people in the city can perform from farming, hunting, and blacksmithing, to mining, teaching, and healing. No single strategy will succeed for every town. Some resources may be more scarce from one map to the next. The player can choose to replant forests, mine for iron, and quarry for rock, but all these choices require setting aside space into which you cannot expand.

The success or failure of a town depends on the appropriate management of risks and resources.


Banished is a relaxing city building game (at least most of the time) where you have to build a small town with some people and gather resources so you can expand it bigger and bigger. I played this game for almost 10 hours. I started the game with only adam and eve. I finally got a decent small town. After 3 years the growth of food failed and everyone died. Started over and I actually have a town with 140+ people in in. Unfortunately finding iron is quite hard.

+ Relaxing city building game
+ Good music and sound effects
+ Quite easy to play but has a very in depth city building aspect
+ Don’t try to build many houses because your people will start a big orgy and in a short time your town is filled with many babies. This isn’t a bad thing but most of the time you will get short on food
+ Very addictive
+ Lots of mods which makes this game even more fun

– People die very quick if you don’t have enough food
– Iron is quite hard to find but it is a basic element for tools

9/10 This game is so good if you just want to chill for a while, Being creative and stuff. Just put on some Ambient music and play this game and before you know it you are 6 hours further in one day haha!

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