Demon Peak (Review)

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Demon Peak is a 2D Action-Platformer inspired by old-school Metroidvanias and fighting games. Focusing on close combat and movement abilities, you explore intertwining areas for abilities, power-ups and bosses to slay.

Created by a group of gamedev students as a year-long project, Demon Peak features hand-painted pixel art, dozens of abilities and enemies, over a hundred rooms and a full 30-minute Soundtrack by Donovan Kirk!


Demon Peak is an adventure, metroidvania, platformer game. Where you need to go through different worlds and learn new skills in order to reach new areas. I love the in game speedrun UI a lot since I watched a bunch of speedruns on the Twitch channel of GamesDoneQuick. This game actually has a good story but, needs some tweaking here and there. But overall the game is quite good!

+ I love metroidvania type of games
+ Pixel art style
+ Build in Speedrun timer
+ Good in game music

– Quite hard to play at some points
– Quite a few small bugs

7/10 You should really try this game if you are a fan of Metroidvania like games. This game was just 4 euro on sale. I actually enjoyed playing it. It is not the most perfect game ever made but you can kill some time with it and having a good time as well!

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