Which gaming character am I?


The moment you start gaming you enter a beautiful fantasy world where you can be who you want to be. You can be a super hero, A bad ass fighting robot, a person who catches creatures with some balls, just anything you want. But which gaming character had the biggest resemblance to you?

If you want to answer the question on your own blog just let me know. You can also answer the question in the comments! Or just read what I have chosen. You can also put it in the comments if you have any gaming related question which You want me to answer!

This idea was sort of ”stolen” from the Charming and Open Community Event from Robert Ian Shepard of Adventure Rules. So please check out his blog as well since he is an amazing dude, writer and blogger!

So the question for today:
Which character in any game is the biggest resemblance to you in real life?

I have been thinking about this question for a while now but I think I finally found a character who is a great resemblance to me. My choice would be my all time hero Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon Series.


But why? Well Ash Ketchum loves going on adventures, traveling the world meeting new people and discovering new places. I love traveling as well. I love going to new places where I can just go for a stroll and take pictures from the nature.

One of the pictures I took here in the Netherlands

Ash also is a true friend. He helps other in need and kinda puts him self in a difficult position. What brings me to the third point of being to stubborn. Even though people are telling me not to do something I surely will do it if my mind is saying Just Do It! This could be a good thing but most of the time it is pretty bad haha! And then my last point. He wants to be the best in everything he does. And he will do anything about it to reach that point. This is one of the best characteristic I have (At least in my opinion) I really am a go-getter and also quite a perfectionist. These both are some good characteristics in my opinion but they also will lead in to some troubles later on.

So there you have it. My biggest resemblance is Ash Ketchum. I am honestly quite curious about your answers and I can’t wait to read them!

Have a wonderful day guys and girls,



  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Ash Ketchum is certainly a great character to identify with – always pushing yourself to be the best you can be is an admirable quality. Plus he’s only aged like two years in the last twenty years, so if you’ve got his perpetual youth too then you’ll be in good shape for a very long time.


    1. No problem my man! Never thought about the aging part haha. But for real if you watch the tv serie of Pokemon it actually looks he is getting younger all the time haha!


  2. An interesting question, and great choice. I liked reading the reasons that you would consider Ash most like yourself.
    After mulling over the possibilities of who I’d consider similar to myself, I finally decided that I might be Goofy from Kingdom Hearts. That’s cheating a little bit, since Goofy was originally a cartoon character… but that’s fine! I chose Goofy because he’s pretty optimistic even in dire situations, prioritizes his friendships, and generally bumbles along happily as he and his friends journey from world to world to save people from darkness. Every now and then, he breaks out of his aloof follower mode to say something genuinely useful, but these moments are few and far between (and said statements might just be examples of words that happen to fall in the right time and place rather than being as sagely as they seem).

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    1. Thanks for the amazing and fun comment! Goofy actually sounds a bit as me as well tbh. And Goofy still is a ganing character as well. Not only in kingdom of hearts but I guess there were some more games like ducktales I guess haha. Thanks for the awesome comment!

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