What did I play last weekend (part 1)!

It is that most beautiful day of the week again Monday….. Okay never mind I am just joking who likes Mondays anyway. A new week has begun and I just had 3 days of free time. So I decided to play some video games in my free time! But what did I play? I will let you know in 2 parts(blogs)!

I had some games on my ”need to play” list. So I decided to play a couple of them. It also was a free weekend for The Division, a new update for Pubg and I played the a demo version of Lost Sphear. So it kinda was a busy weekend for me but I like playing games so you can’t hear me complain.


Superflight is the type of game you play when you are just bored for a bit and want to play something for 30 minutes or less. That’s the whole reason why I played it. I bought this game for €2.99 and it actually looked like a fun game, which it really was.

It feels like an arcade like game where you need to glide near the wall without hitting it. You earn points for this and you can just go for a new personal best but also for the world record. I currently am on the 13000th place but hey I had fun!



Outland is a Metroidvania Platformer game. I am a big fan of this types of games and at first I thought this game actually was pretty cool. Just because of the artstyle and the music. But later on I thought the movement and controls were a bit clunky and I started to dislike the game a bit. I still have it installed on my pc. But I really don’t feel like I will ever complete the game to be honest.

Playerunknown’s Battleground


It finally was there, the new map for PUBG, only playable on the test server yet. But boy I liked the map so much more then the old one. Even though the test servers are very laggy (maybe it was because of the animo for this new map) but I was teleporting a lot haha. Even though I never play Pubg, I enjoyed the few games I played. I am do freaking bad at shooter games but I managed to become 4th with 5 kills (that’s a new personal best)

Tom Clancy’s: The Division


It sounds so cool. An open world MMO Shooter game. Where you can level and play missions. But also can play against other players. I had this game on my wishlist but not for long. I don’t like shooter games that much and as this is a full on shooter game I just didn’t want to buy it. But it was a free weekend so I wanted to try it out for a bit. I actually loved the graphics but I had some trouble with the sometimes clunky movements. I liked playing it for an hour but I probably will never buy it haha!

So these were the first 4 games I played last weekend! All games were nice. But I really don’t know if I will ever play them later on except for Pubg.

Have a wonderful day,


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