Creative Christmas: Who would I give a Cheeky kiss?

Christmas is coming pretty fast now and I just came across a fun Collaboration with some other people on WordPress. There was one particular collaboration (Created by: Kim from Later Levels) which grabbed my attention. The idea of this collaboration is to answer some gaming related questions on particular days. It looked quite fun so I decided to participate in this Collaboration! PS. Be sure to check out Later Levels as well <3.



The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?


This is one the easiest questions in my opinion haha. I must go with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. She is just the prettiest I’ve ever seen in any video game. she kinda had a resemblance with the type I am falling for in real life even though I like blonde girls more haha. Which is actually kinda crazy cause it is just a video game character. But unfortunately I just don’t have any more words to answer this question haha!


This was my second attempt of joining a collaboration on WordPress I can’t wait to show you the rest of my answers! Thanks Kim for this cool opportunity. I am really enjoying myself with this cause it actually is a bit different from reviews and Rocket League news haha! I am quite curious what is your answer to this question? Let me know in the comments down below.

Have a wonderful day,



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