Writing a book: ”The Light Inside”

I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic games, tv shows, movies and books. So I wanted to write my own ”book”. The only question is do I need to finish it or shall I just stop writing? You can read what I wrote down below and it would mean the world to me to hear what you think about it!


Chapter 1 (First part of the chapter)

Complete silence fell over the city. The lights went dark. The Electricity was completely shut down. The darkness soon to be filled with the screaming and shouting of people who were in panic. ”Hurry Kira, we have to leave right now!” A young girl, just 8 years old, with beautiful long blonde hair, looked at her dad. Her dad was a bald man around 36 years old and sure looked like he could defeat the whole world. You could see the fear in Kira’s eyes. Completely frozen and small tear drops in the corner of her eyes. She was holding a small pluche dog. Slowly she puts her mouth to the tiny ears of the pluche dog and whispers, ”Don’t be afraid Ryo. Daddy will protect us.” She actually looked very confident and not that scared any more. Almost like Ryo and her dad gave her the strength to put all fear behind. ”Kira, come on.” Kira slowly walks to her dad with much confidence in her eyes. ”I am here daddy and Ryo as well.” ”Good job Kira. We have to get out of here. This place isn’t save anymore.” Kira’s dad grabbed the hand of Kira and starts walking towards the outside world. They were in the upper part of their home. In Kira’s room to be precisely. A home where they lived with just the three of them. Well maybe four if you also count Ryo in. Kira, her dad and her mother.

”Where is mommy?” Kira asked her dad. Her dad stays quiet and kept walking towards the outside world. They walked down the stairs. And almost down there was a weird rumbling and mumbling sound. It came from the upper floor. For a couple of seconds they waited on the stairs to listen what could have made the sound. Another mumbling sound and some scratching on a door. ”Kira will you and Ryo sit and stay in this closet for a few minutes. I will go upstairs and have a look.” Kira agreed, opened up the big closet, made of dark oak wood and filled with clothes from the whole family. Her dad softly closed the closet, grabbed a umbrella with a sharp point and went upstairs. Step by step he walks to the upper floor. Was it really her what he would expect to see? More scratching on the door and a hard bang to be heard. Another step in the right direction and the squeaking sound of the old wooden stair which filled the silence. If there was something or someone alive on the upper floor they sure heard the squeaking sound of the stairs. Almost on the upper floor where dad could hear the gasping, mumbling, rumbling and scratching sound so good that he could describe every detail of what he heard afterwards. The sound came from the bedroom of him and his wife. Slowly walking to his bedroom with the umbrella holding on tight and ready to hit whatever was behind that door. Almost there, he reaches his arm to grab the door knob. But at the moment he almost grabbed the door knob, the door swung open with a huge bang. A weird monstrous thing was in the door opening. Gasping and growling. It was a woman with blonde long hair like Kira. But one of their arms was swollen and big. Warts on her whole body. Long finger nails with blood on her fingers from scratching the door.

The moment ”the thing” sees the bald man it started screaming and runs into the direction of the man. The man jumps back and stumbles over his own feet and falls with his back on the floor. The thing follows the man and grabs him by his leg. The man tries to hit the thing with his umbrella. He tries to crawl back and kick lose his leg. The thing screams and growls and tries to scratch open the man his legs, arms and other body parts. He kicks the thing in her face and managed to escape from the claws. He stands up and runs towards a different room, Kira’s room. He shuts the door and barricades it with everything he can find in the room. He overthought the situation, the woman kinda looked like his wife. His wife who got infected by a strange virus and passed away the same evening of the total shutdown. His wife was a beautiful blonde woman, not that big just 1.65 meters, completely well trained body and just 32 years old. But could it be my wife? What happened to hear and why she got miscreated. How could she be back alive after she died peacefully. What happened to her arms, skin, fingernails and where did all the warts came from? One thing was for sure this thing wasn’t his wife anymore. This miscreated thing, almost certainly possessed by a demon, tried to attack me and perhaps kill me. He heard a hard bang on the door. The miscreation was outside the door slamming and scratching the door. Would the barricade holds the miscreation outside or would it perhaps break through. He needs to find a new and better weapon. He lost his umbrella in the fight with the miscreation. He started searching through the whole room for anything what possibly could be a good weapon. But what were you supposed to find in a room which was meant to be a room for an eight year old kid.

So what do you think about the first part? Shall I continue writing and post new chapters on my blog? Let me know in the comments down below.

Hope you have a wonderful day,



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