What have I played during the weekend?

The weekend is almost over unfortunately and that means the start of another very busy week! So what have I been playing last weekend and which posts did I publish?

What games did I play?

I am very busy training for the Rocket League World Championships. I’ve been training almost every day this week next to my full time job. But I did manage to finish my first game in 2018: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons!

I played a recently released game called ”Staxel” as well. Which is a rough crossover between Minecraft and Stardew Valley. I will post a review for this game next week! I promise.

I also played some PUBG and Dead Cells. Unfortunately I had a very busy week so I couldn’t play more games.

What posts did I publish this week?

I hope you had an awesome week(end) and you played many great gaming titles! Thanks for reading my blog once again!

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