VGC Day 5: What is your guilty pleasure game?


I saw a very interesting Challenge As I was browsing through my WordPress feed. Megan (A Geeky Gal) created this 30 days video game challenge where you answer a gaming related question every day! Feel free to join if you want to!

So the question for today will be: What is your guilty pleasure game?

This question is so easy to answer. My guilty pleasure game is a game where everybody thought great things about until it got released. I am talking about No Man’s Sky! This game surely did and still needs some work but in my opinion it is a very fun game to get lost in for 20+ hours! It’s not only about exploring but also about base building and so much more stuff. You can read a full review here!

I spend hours on exploring planets without even following the sort of story line haha!


Thanks for reading the answer of this 30 days Video Game Challenge. Be sure to check A Geeky Gal as well! See you back at question 6 tomorrow!

What game is your guilty pleasure? Let me know in the comments below!

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