VGC Day 20: What’s the most ridiculous quest you patiently completed in a game?


I saw a very interesting Challenge As I was browsing through my WordPress feed. Megan (A Geeky Gal) created this 30 days video game challenge where you answer a gaming related question every day! Feel free to join if you want to!

So the question for today will be: What’s the most ridiculous quest you patiently completed in a game?

So what should we do today? Well let’s talk to that stranger..

You: ”Hey”
Stranger: ”Hey, can you escort me through that heavy guarded fortress without us getting seen?”
You: ”Well of course…”
Stranger: ”Okay let’s go”

This happened to me in Shadow of Mordor, a very fun game but some quests are just ridiculous, especially escort mixed with stealth missions. They are such a fucking pain in the ass.

You: ”Okay be quiet and follow me. I will find the right path through this”
Stranger: ”Oh hey what’s that?”
*Get’s seen and killed*
You: ”Ugh….”

This happened to me so many times that it just wasn’t fun anymore. But one day after trying it so many times, I just completed the quest so easily, even though I didn’t know what I changed haha.

There are so many types of quests in video games but I think the escort and stealth mission are by far the worse type of quests haha.


Thanks for reading the answer of this 30 days Video Game Challenge. Be sure to check A Geeky Gal as well! See you back at question 21 tomorrow!

What’s the most ridiculous quest you patiently completed in a game? Let me know in the comments below!

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